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Visiting the Dentist for Kids!

Fresh-grilled hamburgers, chicken wings, ripe strawberries, and spaghetti with meatballs are foods that can make anybody’s mouth water. Food is a wonderful and necessary part of life, but to eat it you need teeth. Take a moment and think about your very favorite food. Picture yourself biting into it and chewing its yummy-deliciousness with all your teeth. Now imagine eating it without any teeth. Ouch! It might sound silly, but you would have to use your gums and saliva to break it down slowly and painfully. Many foods you couldn’t eat at all. From your very front teeth to your very back molars, they are all designed to break apart and chew your food quickly. Taking care of your pearly-whites means you can eat your very favorite food. If you brush and floss your teeth daily, eat healthy, and visit the dentist regularly, you are in for a life of bright smiles and tasty food.

While visiting a dentist is important, the first step to caring for your teeth starts at home. Brushing your teeth will prevent bacteria from making themselves a nice little home right inside your mouth. As bacteria grows and attaches to your teeth, it becomes what is called plaque. Plaque will attack a tooth and cause it to decay into a cavity. To prevent bacteria from latching onto your teeth, brush twice a day. Don’t race through it either. Some kids think a quick little scrub over the tops of every tooth is good enough, but it’s not. Bacteria hides all over your teeth, so you must brush the top, inside, and outside of every tooth.

While brushing your teeth will scrub off plaque build-up, eating healthy food will make your teeth stronger and cleaner. If you eat food with less sugar, you are giving the bacteria less energy to grow and attack. Especially if you fill your stomach with foods that contain calcium; like milk and many fruits and vegetables. Another way you can keep your mouth cleaner is to floss often. Floss gets between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot. Tiny pieces of food can get stuck between your teeth, and floss will tug it out and keep germs from wanting to camp out there.

Now that you are doing your job at home, it is time to visit the dentist to make sure everything looks healthy and clean. Many years ago dentists were very different than they are today. Some dentists were just barbers who pulled teeth at an additional price. Can you imagine getting your teeth worked on by the same guy who cut your hair? Sounds scary! If you had a toothache back then, the decayed tooth would have to be pulled to get rid of the pain and stop the decay from spreading. Some unlucky folks would lose all of their teeth. Thankfully, dentists are very different today. They work hard to catch the smallest of cavities, so they can prevent them from growing into a painful toothache. When you arrive at the dental office, the dentist will do an exam of your teeth; this means he will look at every single tooth and inspect it for decay. Once he is done, he might do an x-ray to see spots he couldn’t with a mirror. If you have a cavity, don’t worry. The dentist will take care of it without causing you any pain. He will give you a small shot in your mouth filled with medicine. It will only hurt a few seconds before your mouth feels numb. The dentist will use a drill. It may sound scary, but the tip of the drill is very small like a thumb tack. He will drill out any decay and fill your tooth with enamel that will protect and keep it strong. Then you will get to go home with shiny teeth and a new toothbrush. Work hard to brush daily and eat healthy so your teeth will continue to stay strong.

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