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If your stained and discolored teeth are bringing your confidence levels down, you might want to seek help from a teeth bleaching dentist. Pursuing teeth whitening treatments from a dentist is a popular choice because it’s quick, easy, affordable, and effective.

Why Should I Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Also known as power bleaching or chairside teeth whitening, professional whitening services are performed by a dentist who ensures that procedure is safe and produces the desired results. The highly concentrated bleaching gel that is used throughout the treatment works faster and better than whitening options that you can find in stores. Most patients report seeing immediate and dramatic results in the brightness of their teeth after just one treatment.

Professional dental whitening works best when the teeth are discolored due to food, drink or smoking. Other types of tooth discoloration won’t respond to teeth whitening procedures. These include tetracycline stains, defective tooth fillings and tooth decay. Teeth whitening treatments won’t eliminate staining from restorative materials like fillings, crowns and veneers.

You will receive a thorough examination from a teeth bleaching dentist. This dentist will determine what is causing your discoloration and determine the best way of whitening your teeth.

Does Teeth Whitening at Home Work?

Professional at-home teeth whitening kits are also available. These highly effective kits utilize custom-made trays that are filled with professional quality whitening gel. By wearing your tray for one hour per day over a period of two weeks, you can lighten your teeth up to six shades.

What Is the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

There are a variety of factors that determine the overall cost of your teeth whitening treatments. Your bill will typically be based on the whitening system used, how many treatments are needed, and how many follow-up treatments are needed to achieve your desired results. If you would like to learn more about teeth bleaching cost, get in touch with our team of dedicated professionals. We are more than happy to provide you with an estimate after we’ve assessed your dental needs.

Why Should I Choose Professional Whitening Over Teeth Whitening Products?

While whitening products such as dental whitening trays, toothpastes, rinses, gels, and strips are popular over-the-counter options for whitening your teeth, you should be aware that they are not as strong as professional treatment options. In addition, over-the-counter options can cause gum irritation issues if used incorrectly. Professional-grade teeth whitening treatments are more powerful and work faster.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

The steps that will need to be taken for your teeth whitening procedure will depend on the method that your dentist chooses to use. If you’re interested in what a typical procedure consists of, continue reading.

  1. The teeth are examined and cleaned by your dentist.
  2. The teeth are photographed so that the dentist can determine shade and track the progress of the whitening treatment.
  3. A cheek retractor is placed in the mouth to expose the visible teeth.
  4. The gums are shielded via the use of a protective liquid applied to the gums.
  5. A number of individual coatings of bleaching gel are applied. After a certain amount of time the gel is removed.
  6. If your system utilizes intense lights to enhance results, this will probably occur at this stage in the process.
  7. Once the final gel application has happened, your dentist will note the color changes and determine if you need follow-up treatments. At-home treatments may sometimes be required to achieve your desired results.

If you want your smile to be whiter and brighter, contact us today to receive more information on teeth whitening in College Park.

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