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If a dentist tells you that you need an extraction, don’t postpone the procedure because you fear that extractions are painful. Dental extractions are virtually painless and surprisingly fast procedures. You will wait longer for the Novocaine to numb your mouth that you will for your dentist to pull the tooth out.

How Much Does Having a Tooth Pulled Cost?

Before quoting a price, our dentist will have to determine if he or she can perform the tooth extraction. If not, you will need a referral to an oral surgeon. Difficult extractions will cost more than easier extractions. If you have dental insurance, please inform our office as this will influence the tooth extraction cost that you will pay.

How Does a Surgical Extraction Differ from a Dental Extraction?

When dentists extract a tooth, they don’t need to make an incision in your gum; they simply grab the tooth and pull it out. Once your gum is cut, the procedure becomes a surgical extraction.

Are There Teeth That Can’t Be Saved?

Sometimes, our dentists see patients that have a tooth with severe decay or trauma that makes a root canal inadvisable because there wouldn’t be enough of the tooth left. Severe decay can cause agonizing pain, which will stop once you have the tooth pulled.

Will a Dentist Do a Tooth Extraction for a Broken or Severely Cracked Tooth?

If our dentist cannot save your tooth, he or she will extract it. If the tooth is broken off at the gum line, our dentist will refer you to a local oral surgeon.

Can a Dentist Pull a Baby Tooth for a Child?

Occasionally, a baby tooth won’t fall out when it is supposed to, which can cause a problem if the permanent tooth needs to emerge. Our dentist is skilled at making children feel comfortable during a painless and quick extraction procedure. If your child has a tooth that won’t fall out, call our office to set up an appointment for your child.

Can a Dentist Pull a Tooth That Becomes Loose from Periodontal Disease?

Aggressive gum disease weakens the bone and tissue that hold your teeth in your gum. Our dentist will perform a tooth extraction if a loose tooth causes you pain and there is no way to save the tooth.

Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions Painful?

Dental extractions and surgical extractions of wisdom teeth don’t hurt. Your dentist or oral surgeon will use a local anesthetic and possibly a sedation agent to ensure that you don’t have a bad experience while ridding yourself of wisdom teeth that are causing you pain.

Is Getting a Tooth Pulled an Option If My Teeth Are Too Crowded?

Reducing the number of teeth in your mouth will help with overcrowding. Tooth removal also helps people who are getting braces to correct protruding teeth so the teeth have room to move backward.

What Are the Instructions for Dental Extraction Aftercare?

Your dentist will stress that you rest during the first 24 hours after an extraction. A blood clot has to form at the extraction site; you’ll learn what actions could accidentally dislodge the clot. You’ll also receive instruction for handling any pain or swelling in the first few days after the extraction.

How Long Will Tooth Extraction Healing Take?

Typically, it takes about a week for an extraction site to heal. If you have a molar extracted or you have a surgical extraction, your healing time could take 10 days or more.

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