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We Offer Emergency Dental Care Near Atlanta for Severe Tooth Pain or Dental Injuries

A fractured tooth, a painful cavity, or an abscess are just a few examples of serious oral health conditions requiring emergency services. Any delay in treatment can result in severe pain, life-threatening infection, and even permanent tooth loss. If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, our skilled, compassionate dentists are ready to provide emergency dental care near Atlanta.

If you have a primary dentist, there is a good chance that they can assist you with emergency dental issues during regular business hours. Most practices reserve time slots specifically for patients needing emergency dental care, such as an extraction or filling repair. If your dental emergency happens after hours or on the weekend, however, your primary dentist will likely be unavailable. When this happens, choosing a walk-in dental clinic for emergency dental care near Atlanta is often your best choice for several reasons:

You can see an emergency dentist at a walk-in clinic without having to schedule an appointment. The wait times are also normally shorter than with a primary dentist.

The level of care and quality of work is comparable to a primary dentist.

Emergency dental clinics typically offer affordable prices.

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care Near Atlanta

Sudden or worsening tooth pain and visible damage to a tooth are always considered a dental emergency. If you are unsure if your situation requires urgent care or if it can wait until regular business hours, you should err on the side of caution and contact an emergency dentist.

Emergency Dental Care for Pain:

Sudden or worsening tooth pain is normally a sign that the tooth is damaged or infected.

Fractured Teeth

Pain and sensitivity to temperature and pressure may indicate that your tooth has been fractured or cracked. A dentist can visually inspect and X-ray the tooth to determine the extent of the damage and whether the tooth is salvageable.

Bacterial Infections of the Tooth or Gum

If a damaged tooth is not repaired, a serious bacterial infection known as an abscess could develop. You should contact a dentist right away if you notice drainage around a damaged or painful tooth, especially if accompanied by fever, nausea, and vomiting. If not treated, the infection can spread to the nearby soft tissues and bones.


Cavities are areas of decay on the surface of the teeth that are typically the result of poor oral hygiene. An emergency dentist can remove the damaged area and reinforce the tooth with a filling or crown.

Root Canal Infections

New or worsening pain in a tooth following a root canal may indicate an infection.

Chronic Teeth Grinding

If you wake up with persistent tooth, jaw, face, neck, or shoulder pain, you may suffer from a condition known as bruxism. Over time, the pressure from grinding your teeth can damage the tooth enamel or cause chips or cracks in your teeth.

Sinus Infections

If you are experiencing pain, especially in the upper rear arch, you may actually have a sinus infection.

Receding Gums

In patients with advanced periodontal disease, the gums can recede to reveal portions of the tooth root, which can cause pain and sensitivity when eating and drinking.

Damaged Tooth Enamel

If you consume a lot of acidic foods and beverages, grind your teeth, or have a medical condition that causes you to vomit frequently, you may eventually start to lose some of your tooth enamel. This leaves the underlying dentin exposed, which can lead to pain and sensitivity.

Emergency Dental Care for Mouth Injuries:

While traumatic dental injuries are most common among children, they can occur at any age. These types of injuries typically occur while playing contact sports, during vehicle accidents, or after a fall. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, approximately 33% of children will experience a chipped, cracked, or knocked-out primary tooth. About 20% of 12-year-olds will experience a similar injury to their permanent teeth. In many cases, it may be possible to preserve the tooth. If possible, contact a dentist within 30 minutes of the incident for instructions on how to handle and preserve the tooth until you can come into the office.

Emergency Dental Care Near Atlanta for Damaged Dental Restorations

A lost or damaged crown or filling is considered a dental emergency. Dental restorations protect a compromised tooth from structural damage and infection. If you are experiencing pain, our dentist can recommend over-the-counter medications that you can take to alleviate your discomfort. It may even be possible to use over-the-counter dental cements or adhesives to temporarily reinforce the tooth until you can come into our office.

Can the Emergency Room Treat My Dental Issue?

If possible, you should have a dentist diagnose and treat urgent dental issues. They have the training, experience, and resources to perform a wide range of dental procedures, such as extractions and advanced restorations. On the other hand, the ER is a better choice if you have experienced significant trauma to the face or head since they are equipped to handle profuse bleeding, broken bones, and other symptoms of traumatic injuries. An ER physician is also the best person to treat severe infections. If you have an abscess accompanied by severe pain, fever, swelling, nausea and vomiting, and swollen lymph nodes, you most likely need powerful antibiotics and pain medications that are only available in a hospital setting. If you do go to the ER for a dental issue, you should still consult a dentist as soon as possible to determine if additional treatments are necessary.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and skilled emergency dentist, look no further than your nearest Dental Care Alliance practice. Our oral health care team will ensure that you receive the highest level of care in a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility. Call today for more information about our services.

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