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Invisalign: Frequently Asked Questions

The image of orthodontic treatment that many people have in their heads is of traditional metal braces and unsightly headgear. These treatment devices can make some people feel just as self-conscious about their smiles as their original orthodontic problem did. If you’re seeking out an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments, you may want to look further into an innovative system…

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Are Cracked Teeth on the Rise?

Numerous anecdotal reports from dentists have indicated that patients are experiencing higher incidents of damage caused by grinding and clenching their teeth in recent months. This may be attributable to the added stress that pandemic restrictions and other issues related to the COVID-19 virus outbreak may be placing on people across the United States and around the world. Finding the…

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Dental Care Basics

What Are Dental Care Basics? Basic dental care is the brushing and flossing you do at home, plus making regular dental appointments for routine exams and teeth cleanings. Practicing the basics can help you avoid problems and keep your teeth for a lifetime. Since the mouth is an incredibly important part of your body, keeping it in top condition can…

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Are Dental Implants Right for You?

How Do I Know If Dental Implants Are Right for Me? The majority of adults have lost one tooth or more. The CDC reports that two-thirds of those under the age of 65 have one or more teeth missing, and almost 20 percent of those over 65 are missing all of their teeth. Your teeth are more than just aesthetic—they’re…

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Gingivitis: Symptoms and Causes in Atlanta

What Are the Symptoms of Gingivitis and What Causes It? If you’ve noticed minor bleeding when you brush your teeth or floss, or if you’ve noticed that you have bad breath, then you may have gingivitis. These are two of the early warnings of the disease, read on to learn how to avoid it and how to treat it. Can…

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We Offer Emergency Dental Care Near Atlanta for Severe Tooth Pain or Dental Injuries

A fractured tooth, a painful cavity, or an abscess are just a few examples of serious oral health conditions requiring emergency services. Any delay in treatment can result in severe pain, life-threatening infection, and even permanent tooth loss. If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, our skilled, compassionate dentists are ready to provide emergency dental care near…

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Pregnancy Dental Advice from Atlanta Dental Care

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can increase your risk of developing gum disease, so it’s important to take care of your teeth and gums before and during your pregnancy and after you deliver. Before you attempt to get pregnant, seek an affordable dentist, and request a full dental exam and professional dental cleaning. Your dentist at your Atlanta dental care clinic…

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Get a Tooth-Saving Root Canal Procedure from an Endodontist Atlanta Trusts

Endodontics is an affordable dental care specialty that treats diseases affecting the inside of teeth. Root canals are the most common type of endodontic treatment. To understand how the treatment works, it helps to examine the anatomy of a tooth. Under the layers of white enamel and dentin, there is a center containing soft tissue; this is called the tooth’s…

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Which Types of Dental Crowns Reign Supreme?

If you want to improve the look of your teeth, consider dental crowns. They offer a world of dental benefits and can help you feel more confident about your appearance and smile. The Crowning Glory of Dental Crowns Dental crowns are a form of cosmetic dental bonding. They are permanent prosthetic items that are bonded onto a damaged or decayed…

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Can a TMJ Specialist Reduce your Jaw Pain?

Does your jaw hurt? Chronic facial pain, which includes jaw pain, ear pain, and headache, affects about 15 percent of American adults. In some cases, this pain is related to one or both temporomandibular (TM) joints. Located on each side of your head, these joints work with muscles, ligaments and bones to help you chew and speak. Temporomandibular joint disorder…

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